Why Vote YES on Question 4?

Marijuana Treatment Against the Real Drug Crisis — Painkillers

Doctors are clear — opiate addiction is causing the real drug crisis in Massachusetts. And there’s a reasonable way to slow the epidemic down: legalizing and regulating marijuana. By avoiding opiates, reducing painful addiction, and protecting families, patients can use marijuana to prevent hitting rock bottom. Healthcare providers can determine the right treatment regime with marijuana to prevent people afflicted with addiction from losing control.

Let Patients and Health Care Providers Provide Care Without Fear of Arrest

Chronic pain, opiate addiction, intense nausea —marijuana is used in treating all of them. But today medical bills are sky high. Finding affordable treatment, especially for our seniors proves more difficult every day. By legalizing marijuana, we can dramatically reduce the cost of the drug for these patients. That means our seniors can live with greater ease and dignity.

Marijuana Cases Cost Taxpayers by Clogging Our Legal System

Our courts are slammed with petty marijuana possession charges that clog the system and prevent the prosecution of more major, violent crimes. The amount of waste due to marijuana prosecutions is a drain on taxpayer dollars. Judges, prosecutors and public defenders too often spend their time focused on marijuana cases that do nothing to keep our communities safer.

Marijuana Arrests Ruin Lives

Too often young people and people of color can’t find a job or take care of their families because they have a petty arrest record for possessing marijuana. One bad choice can prevent employers from hiring otherwise qualified applicants. That means families struggle to support themselves and entire communities suffer.

Marijuana is Here, No Increased Police Presence is Going to Change That

No law enforcement effort or education campaign has been remotely effective in cutting down the universality of marijuana. It’s smarter for us to regulate its use as a legal drug instead of keeping it on the black market. Smart regulations will control it and make it much more safe.

Tax Marijuana to Fund Education, Drug Treatment, and Law Enforcement

Experts say that taxing marijuana sales will create $100 million in new tax revenue for vital essential services in our communities. We can use the money to strengthen our schools — smaller classes, more books, and newer technology for our children. We can also spend the money on opiate abuse prevention programs, drug awareness campaigns, or law enforcement.

People of Color are 3x More Likely to Be Arrested

Instead of keeping us safe, the “War on Drugs” has ruined the lives of countless people. In Massachusetts, people of color are three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession — a problem that has been getting worse, not better. These arrests lead to jail terms and a lifetime of difficulty getting a job. It’s important for Massachusetts to be a beacon of social justice — and time to stop ruining lives for minor marijuana offenses.

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