Question 4

What the initiative will do:

  • Create a commission similar to the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) to oversee a tightly controlled system of licensed retail stores, cultivation facilities, manufacturing facilities and testing facilities.
  • Require businesses to test marijuana products and adhere to strict packaging and labeling guidelines.
  • Give cities and towns the right to regulate, limit, or prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments.
  • Impose a 3.75% excise tax on marijuana sales on top of the 6.25% MA sales tax, and allow cities and towns to add a local tax up to 2%.
  • Allow adults 21 years of age or older to possess and cultivate marijuana in limited amounts.
  • It will NOT allow marijuana to be used in public.
  • It will remain entirely illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana, and employers will be able to maintain all current employment drug use policies.

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